Supernatural Season 1 Episode 18 : Something Wicked

Sam and Dean battle a Shtriga, a witch that sneaks into childrens' bedrooms and sucks the lives out of them. Dean must relive his childhood when he remembers that he encountered the Shtriga years ago.

NameSupernatural Season 1 Episode 18: Something Wicked
Air DateApril 6th, 2006
GenresDrama, Mystery, Sci-Fi & Fantasy
NetworksThe WB, The CW
Production CompaniesKripke Enterprises, Supernatural Films, Wonderland Sound and Vision, Warner Bros. Television
WriterDaniel Knauf
DirectorWhitney Ransick
Guest StarsMary Black, Alex Ferris, Venus Terzo, Ari Cohen, Jeannie Epper, Adrian Hough, Erica Carroll, Ridge Canipe, Colby Paul, Stacee Copeland, John Prowse, Chandra Berg, Jeffrey Dean Morgan
Plot Keywordsmonster, angel, supernatural, exorcism, paranormal, demon, ghost, reference to god
Jared Padalecki
Jared Padalecki
Sam Winchester
Jensen Ackles
Jensen Ackles
Dean Winchester

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